Timberwolf, a sort of creative lifestyle outlet, is the child of Carrie Sawyer, the girl up there. That's me.

 If the world existed according to her wishes, tiramisu would be a health food, the only socially acceptable behavior before 10:30 a.m. would be giving hugs (because waking up is a difficult process), silence would be frequent unless broken by music, all showers would be built with soundproof walls to save the ears of the human race, art would never be questioned aloud, and being alone would not be looked down upon or seen as unusual. But the world does not exist according to her wishes, so she tries her best to function in a world that makes no sense. 

Timberwolf is a look into everything that keeps her sane. Or at least appear sane.

instagram (and/or flickr) to come soon.

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