Saturday, March 14, 2015

Some Things That Happened


About a month ago, I had a horrible week; weird and difficult things happened and so after taking (/failing) an AP Chemistry test, I came home, called the hair salon down the street and chopped off my hair. Again. I've only really chopped off significant amounts of hair in the past few years. Before that, I continually lived with a curtain of tangles draping over my shoulders and cascading down my back. And every time I've cut it, it's been to free me of something. 

I don't know why, but this summer I got this idea in my head that I could use my hair as a symbol for all the guilt and stress and hurt that I keep buried inside of me. 

I cut my hair and my head feels lighter. I cut my hair and my heart feels lighter. 



I have the blessing of being a part of the best youth group ever at my church. No lie when I say they are my family. While I don't know everybody like the back of my hand, it's a group in which I can both find support and encouragement and give it to others.

For a weekend, we spent our time finding God in solitude, spending our time conversing and hanging out with Jesus (we had good times with each other as well). We had mandated 'solitude' for a few hours in which I climbed the mountain, took photos, sang songs, wrote, yelled, cried, danced, and listened. 
Listened for direction, for a voice. 
Listened to the wind, to the silence. 
Listened in the stillness. 

It's my favorite place to be: alone. 



YES. My best friend came to visit the fair (/ugly) land of the USA. 

The power went out, we bought a gallon of ice cream when we were two hours away from a freezer, we terrorized/loved the dog, laughed at the over-patriotism of the circus, froze our faces off outside, drank too much Coca-cola, and danced in the kitchen.

She does my soul good. My repatriation is a little more complete - whether she knew it or not, I needed to see her to feel home again. 



Enough said. Within two weeks of our 'snow days' and ice storms, the sun arrived and we donned our shorts. Oh happy day, the South is at rights again. 

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