Friday, February 27, 2015

Watercolor Typography

For many years I thought that to make pretty lettering you needed fancy paints and large brushes and perfect strokes. This little project definitely disproves that theory. All you need are some watercolors, brushes, a pencil, and water. I used a sort of multimedia sketch paper, watercolor paper also works; as long as it's thick unlike computer paper, it will work. 

Also, you need some good music. Try Woodkidthe DigDeath Cab for Cutie, and Daughter

Lightly sketch out your words if you feel the need. 

Paint your letters with water; it should run, not just make the page a little damp.

Take another brush and wet the tip. Collect color with the brush and then dab in the wet outlines of the letters. Graduate the color - make some "focus points" and let it fade and become washed out in others.

When the paper has dried a little bit but is still slightly damp, take the paint brush and speckle the letters with watercolors with a drier brush. 

Erase the pencil marks and add some embellishments with pens and such. Mine shall be a note to a friend of mine, a partner in crime.

Enjoy the creativity and the music, lovely people.